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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why should I drink Sama tea?

    What makes Sama's teas so special? In short, it's how our unique blends of adaptogens and Ayurvedic botanicals work together to help bring your mind, body and heart into balance. Adaptogens are plants that help you recover balance and resist stressors, ultimately leading to a more healthier you! These botanicals have long been a part of Ayurvedic practices and are entwined with traditional Hindu healing. At Sama, we believe that by combining modern adaptogenic ingredients with Ayurvedic traditional wisdom, we can create tea blends that help you feel your best from the inside out.

  • Is Sama tea USDA Organic?

    We wouldn't have it any other way! Yes, all of Sama's teas are USDA Organic.

  • Is Sama Gluten Free?

    Yep! Our teas are free of gluten (and instead are full of tasty adaptogens & botanicals).

  • Are your tea sachets plastic free?

    Sama's tea sachets are made from a plant-based material called PLA and are designed to be compostable! We also use a cotton string and printed paper tag, no metal staples here!

  • Are Sama teas free of GMOs?

    Yes! All Sama teas are GMO free.

  • Is Sama Fair Trade Certified?

    Sama has opted not to become Fair Trade certified. Instead, we have set our own direct trade standards. We work directly with farmers to source the highest quality ingredients possible and provide financial security to the families who grow our teas. As a standard, we pay our farmers 5-10x the commodity prices, ensuring that they are treated fairly and equitably.

  • Are Sama teas caffeinated?

    Some of them are caffeinated, others are caffeine-free! You can always check the caffeine level of each tea blend on it's dedicated product page. As a quick reference, our Awaken & Energize and Protect & Support blends are Caffeinated while our Calm & Relax and Focus & Clarity are Caffeine-Free!

  • Is Sama certified Kosher?

    Yes! Sama tea is proudly certified as Kosher.

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  • What are adaptogens? How do they work?

    Adaptogens are botanicals that help your body fight different types of stress. These herbs and spices rebalance your mind, body, and heart by helping your nervous system re-find homeostasis.

  • Where can I find a complete list of ingredients?

    You can find a complete list of ingredients on each blend's page

  • How long do Sama's teas stay fresh?

    Luckily, dried teas and botanicals do not "go bad"! However, we recommend drinking your Sama tea within 4 months of opening to ensure that the aroma and taste do not lose complexity.

  • I have an exclusive Sama mug! Is it microwave and dishwasher safe?

    Sama's exclusive merch mug is dishwasher safe, however we do recommend that you hand wash and dry to avoid water spots. The mug IS NOT microwave safe. Metalized items should never be microwaved, and because the mug has gold electroplating it is not microwave safe.

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  • What do I get in my sampler box?

    Your keepsake sampler box contains 5 sachets of the following 4 blends:
    Awaken & Energize | Earl Grey Black Tea
    Protect & Support | Jasmine Peach Green Tea
    Focus & Clarity | Mint Blueberry Herbal Tea
    Calm & Relax | Lavender Rose Chamomile Herbal Tea

  • Can I choose the flavors that I want to receive Month 2 and beyond?

    Absolutely! Select the flavors you want to include in your next months shipment. You will receive 2 full size, 15ct cartons of your choosing.

  • Can I skip a delivery or cancel my monthly membership?

    Of course! Simply log in to your account to edit, skip, or cancel your monthly shipments.

  • What happens if I don't text or log-in to choose my next month's blends?

    No worries, we're all busy sometimes! We will send you our two favorite blends if you do not select two on your own.

  • What's the Tea Club monthly tea party?

    Each month Jay and Radhi will host a digital live tea party! Our tea club members will have the opportunity to help pick the topics they want to discuss and explore. Themes will change monthly but you can get excited to sip your new teas with Jay and Radhi + get to know them.

  • How do I get access to the monthly tea party?

    Each month a unique code will be emailed and texted to you! Be sure to keep your code a secret, as it can only be used once to sign in and join the digital tea party!

  • How much does the monthly Tea Club membership cost?

    The monthly Sama Tea Club membership costs $29.95/month and include a sampler box of tea month 1, then 2 full size cartons of your choosing each following month. You'll also receive an exclusive Tea Time Ritual Workshop download, a tea time playlist, + a members-only invite to a monthly digital tea party with Jay and Radhi!

shipping & delivery

  • Does Sama ship internationally?

    At the moment, Sama only ships domestically within the US. Be sure to join our mailing list to stay up to date on all international shipping updates.

  • When will I receive my order?

    If you pre-ordered a Sama Tea Club Membership, your sampler box will ship out in October.

  • How much does shipping cost?

    We have a standard, flat rate fee of $4.95. Sign up for 3 or 6 months for free delivery!

  • My order arrived damaged, how do I initiate the refund process?

    Oh no! Send us an email at support@samatea.com. Check out our refunds page for more details.

  • Where is my tracking information?

    Once your order ships, you will receive your tracking number via email and SMS. You can also access your tracking information by logging into your samatea.com account

  • My order arrived damaged or incomplete. What should I do?

    Oh no! We hate when mistakes happen. Please email support@samatea.com to get this sorted.

  • What is the best way to reach the Sama customer service team?

    You can reach our customer service team Monday-Friday via email support@samatea.com or phone (888) 831-1983.